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[Call for application] Korea-Australia Connection Initiative 2013/14

Date 2013-11-29 File  

Korea-Australia Connection Initiative 2013/14

Call for application



The Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) and the Australia Council for the Arts have partnered on the Korea-Australia Connection Initiative to support performing arts professionals to research and develop new collaborative projects.

The initiative aims to encourage long-term creative exchanges and to build market knowledge, expertise and networks for artists, companies, and producers in both regions.

The initiative ran in 2011 and 2012 and will continue in 2013/2014 and 2014/15 with some significant changes. It now includes a two-stage research and development process over two years - 2013/14 and 2014/15.


Stage one (2013/14) - research exchange

Supports travel by six performing arts professionals (three from Australia and three from Korea) to the other country to research ideas and partners and discuss potential collaboration projects.


Stage two (2014/15) - project development

After the initial research phase, the six participants from Stage one will be invited to pitch projects for creative development support. The panel will support the creative development of up to two collaborative projects involving performing artists from Korea and Australia.

Projects previously supported through the initiative are:

2011: Strange Fruit and Noreum Machi’s In the Shadow of the Dragon and Not Yet It’s Difficult and Wuturi’s AMPERS&ND

2012: Tony Yap Company and Theatre Nottle’s Kekkai: Beyond Fixed Boundaries and Legs on the Wall and AsiaNow’s The Tale of Samulnori.


General description


Who may apply?

Korean and Australian performing arts professionals and presenters may apply. The first stage of the initiative supports research by individuals, however, organisations and groups may apply on behalf of individual artists and producers.


What the initiative will support


Application for presenters

We are seeking applications from performing arts professionals who are working with new technologies or exploring new and emerging arts practices, and creating work on a scale designed for international touring. A priority of the initiative is supporting flexible works that can be presented in a range of venues and performance spaces.

Support is available for original, contemporary performing arts projects only. This includes dance, music, theatre and hybrid projects, and excludes commercial projects.

KAMS and the Australia Council will each support three performing artists to participate in the research program in 2014.


Application for presenters

We are seeking applications from presenters who are interested in developing a collaborative projects with the Korean and Australian participants, creating a new repertory for his/her venue/festival and joining an international tour of completed work.

Six performing arts presenters (three from Australia and three from Korea) will be selected, and this panel will access applications for both stages. The presenter panel will be involved in the program over two years as assessors, advisers, producers and potentially as presenters. Presentation is dependent on the suitability of the completed works for their venues/festivals.


Research exchange 2013-14

KAMS and Australia Council will support travel costs (flights, accommodation and per diems) for three performing arts professionals from Korea and three from Australia to participate in the research exchange program in the other country. In 2014, the research exchange will take place alongside the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), 18-22 February 2014, and Performing Arts Market in Seoul, October 2014.


Project development 2014-15

KAMS and the Australia Council will support up to two projects at up to AU$40,000 per project. The total amount of funding will be determined after the final selection of project proposals. Presenters may also contribute financially or through in-kind support to the selected projects.


Other support will include: 
- advice and support from presenter panelists, KAMS and the Australia Council on market development planning.



The initiative does not support touring of existing works in Korea and/or Australia.

In Australia, major performing arts companies, and companies receiving international status funds as part of their key organisation support through the Australia Council, are ineligible to apply.

In Korea, existing projects that have already been supported by other government agencies and foundations, or that have received funding from the Korea Arts Management Service within the same fiscal year, are ineligible for support.


How to apply

Korean partner(s) must apply to KAMS and Australian partner(s) must apply to the Australia Council.

To apply, please submit an Expression of Interest and submit with the required materials. The applications for presenters are open by Wednesday 11 December 2013, while for performing arts professionals by Friday 20 December 2013.   

Applicants must supply the following:

· An expression of interest responding to the four assessment criteria below. Maximum of four pages in total. (the application form for Korean partners can be downloaded at www.gokams.or.kr)

· A biography/CV.

Australian applicants – apply through the Australia Council’s online grants system.

Korean applicants – send the application form by email to connection@gokams.or.kr 


The Australia Council and KAMS will announce the successful applicants in January 2014 and on their websites and notify applicants by email.





Eunhee KIM

Int’l Development Dept, KAMS


Tel. 82-2-708-2270

E-mail eunhee@gokams.or.kr

Ellen Dwyer

Program Officer, Market Development, Australia Council


Tel. +61 2 9215 9051

E-mail e.dwyer@australiacouncil.gov.au