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Performing Arts Market in Seoul Go to the PAMS

Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) is an international platform for arts professionals, founded from the art management viewpoint. Encountering various kinds of Korean performing arts, performing arts experts from all over the world, they gather to share ideas, experiences and information for creative cooperation: Conception to Circulation. More than 2,500 participants join it every year. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and organized by KAMS, PAMS is held every October in collaboration with international performing arts festivals.

PAMS Choice

PAMS has selected suitable works that are good for performing arts international exchanges-termed PAMS Choice through public screening. PAMS Choice reflects Korean performing arts traits and selects works that are considered to have contemporary significance and international universality.

International Market Development

Center Stage Korea

Center Stage Korea is an international market development grant program whose mission is to support and promote the presentation of Korea performing arts on the international stage. Center Stage Korea partners with presenters, performing arts centers, theatres and others staging Korea-focused performing arts programs.
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- Center Stage Korea : Focus
Cooperate with major theaters and festivals abroad and introduce Korean performing arts productions as a special programs.

- Center Stage Korea : Tour
Pursue systematic improvement of global competitiveness of Korean groups by providing support for continued foreign touring of groups selected through an open call.

Resonance Korea

Support Korea performing arts to participate in major festivals/markets and touring in partnership with major local festivals/markets in order to help them gain a larger foothold in different markets around the world and build greater global competitiveness.

Journey to Korea Music

Foreign experts in major fields of music visit Korea, attend Korean music concerts and performing arts performances, participate in academic events, and enjoy cultural experiences, while networking with appropriate people in Korea.

Into the Light

Produce and release compilation albums and applications featuring contemporary Korean music to effectively promote the exquisite music of Korea.

Funding for International Exchange


Art pieces introduced through the PAMS Choice are eligible for the ARKO-PAMS Travel Grants offered by Arts Council Korea.

Funding for Center Stage Korea

Touring grants are offered to support the international presence of the Korean theatre, music, dance and multidisciplinary arts.


Touring grants are offered to support the international presence of the Korean traditional performing arts.

KAMS Connection

KAMS Connection is a program which supports international exchanges and collaboration in performing arts. Jointly organized with international partners, this exchange visit program provides performing arts professionals with the opportunity to visit the corresponding country to gain market knowledge and a better understanding, and to find possibilities for future collaboration and exchange.

In the aim of encouraging long-lasting creative exchanges and collaboration, the KAMS Connection program provides participants stepwise support from the research stage to project development stage, based on reciprocal cooperation with international partners.

Program Structure

Stage1: Research support
Support for preliminary research of the performing arts professionals with the partnered country
Type of support: research grant(airfare&accommodation), eligibility for application for project development funding(within two years after research)
Stage2: Project development support
Support for international collaborative projects developed through research(Stage1)
Type of support: a project development grant(up to two years)

International Partners

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Dance Info Finland, Finland Dance Info Finland, Finland Dance Info Finland, Finland British Council, UK British Council, UK
Visiting Arts, UK Visiting Arts, UK British Council, UK Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Australia Council for the Arts, Australia
National Performance Network (NPN), USA National Performance Network (NPN), USA National Performance Network (NPN), USA Goethe Institut, Germany Institut Français/ONDA, France
  Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Institut Français, France Danish Agency for Culture, Denmark
    Goethe Institut, Germany   ational Department for Culture and Arts, Malaysia

Our International Partners

AsiaEuropeLatin AmericaOceaniaNorth America
  • Asia-Europe Foundation(ASEF)
  • Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama(TPAM in Yokohama), Japan
  • Conversasians, Singapore
  • Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

NEXT (Next Expert Training)

NEXT (Next Expert Training) is aimed to train performing/visual art professionals in the area of international cultural exchange. In order to promote international cultural exchange in the private sector, NEXT(Next Expert Training) develops and organizes following programs; Academy of international cultural exchange and Dispatching cultural experts to Korean Cultural Centers Abroad.

NEXT Academy

- Qualifications : A practician who has more than 3 years working experience in performing/visual arts field especially in international cultural exchange.

- Program : Educational program, focusing on practical skills, genre specific, and art contents.


- Qualifications : A group, wherein the majority of members are participants in NEXT Academy.

- Program : Giving support to selected groups on short-term research on international cultural exchange in the visual/performing arts.

NEXT Professional

- Qualifications : A cultural expert who has more than 3 years of working experience in performing/visual arts field

- Program : Dispatching cultural experts to Korean Cultural Centers in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East

NEXT Internship

- Qualifications : A university student who is interested in international cultural exchange and promoting Korean culture

- Program : Dispatching university students to Korean cultural Centers in Asia, Latin America and Europe

Traveling Korean Arts

Based on cooperation with Korean Cultural Centers, KAMS supports diverse and customized performing and visual arts programs to be showcased around the world, which aims to introduce current trends of Korean arts.

Traveling Korean Arts POOL program

- After selecting art programs, KAMS operate joint programs between overseas Korean culture centers and overseas partners, including local arts and culture organizations

Inviting program for Korean cultural center employees and local experts

- Invite both an employee responsible for arts and culture at an overseas culture center and a local expert to provide a basis for sustainable international exchange