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Professional Arts Organizations/Group Support

Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a center for evaluating professional arts organizations/groups and providing them with comprehensive support, KAMS provides the following services

  • Designation and fostering of professional arts organizations/groups:
    Through this system, culture and arts groups, which are usually arbitrary in the format, are designated by the federal or local government as professional arts organizations/groups to provide them with legal personality as well as tax incentives and other institutional support, irrespective of the character or scope of the group.
  • Analysis of operating performance and publication of whitepapers:
    A whitepaper to provide information on the operation and management of designated professional arts organizations/groups is published and distributed to pertinent organizations, as well as to local support groups.
  • Discovery of best practices:
    Events are held to discover and explore best practices in a variety of areas, including the operation, management, program development, and fund-raising of professional arts organizations/groups.
  • Operation of designated system and support of designated projects:
    Various types of research and consultations take place to carry out reforms and invigorate the system.
  • Establishment of database of professional arts organizations/groups

Arts Management Consulting Services

KAMS offers arts and cultural organizations specialized knowledge and know-how in various areas–including legal and contractual matters, financial and accounting management, and human resources and personnel management–by connecting them to specialists related to the field.

  • On-line consulting
  • Strategic consulting

1) Consulting on fund-raising:
     In order to strengthen their self-sufficiency, consulting services are provided according to the nature of each organization in order to
     support the generation of fund-raising strategies as well as create concrete steps toward their realization

2) One-on-one consulting:
     One-on-one consulting services are provided by having consultants meet face-to-face with the arts or cultural organization in order to
     discuss feasible solutions in each area

  • Strategic consulting linking pertinent agencies:
    Long- to mid-term tailored consulting, especially in the areas of legal and financial management and fund-raising, is offered to arts and cultural organizations, linking them with relevant organizations
  • Full-time consultants:
    Full-time consultants who specialize in different areas work with arts and cultural organizations on a pro bono basis

Training in Arts Management

Training in Arts Management seeks to provide a foundation for fostering experts in the field of arts management by recruiting as well as dispatching new professionals in these areas. In addition to further develop the expertise of the dispatched recruits, it provides continuing education programs and training as well as a work manual so that an effective system is actively operating in the arts and cultural organization.

Arts Management Academy ‘LINK’
Arts Management Academy ‘LINK’ provides a variety of training and educational programs to improve the practice competencies, leadership skills and learning competencies of those in the field of arts management. It provides educational services in specialized areas—like production planning, public relations and marketing, and organizational management—to strengthen competency, leadership, self-development, and more in each occupational area of arts management. Experts and faculty at the Academy also offer educational programs for professional development in the different regional areas.

Korean Wave Academy

Korean Wave Academy provides high-quality programs on Korean traditional arts for those who are working in the areas of the creative production of cultural contents, thus providing the grounds to further promote ‘Hallyu’ in Korean art.

Social Enterprises in Culture and Arts

To promote the public and social aspect of arts and culture, KAMS supports work to certify and foster arts and cultural organizations as social enterprises to secure their self-sufficiency and competitiveness. To this end, it has established a specialized network and works to discover successful models of social enterprise in the field of arts and culture.