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Statistical Analysis

Survey of Performing Arts
KAMS has been conducted and analysed the basic survey on the performing arts every year since 2007 as an official statistics (Approval No.11315), which is authorized by the Statistics Korea(KOSTAT).

The main survey is divided into three categories as below
  • - performance facilities
  • - troupes
  • - administrative institutions in charge of performing arts

In addition, a business survey of the performing arts sector is held every six months so that there can be a timely understanding in the performing arts industry.

Survey of the Visual Arts Market
A survey on the operation and status of the art market, such as the distribution of art galleries, auction houses, and art fairs, has been conducted every year since 2009. This creates a foundation for creating policies for the invigoration of the arts market. The main part of the survey is on the distribution area, which is the core of the arts market; additional surveys are conducted on organizations directly or indirectly related to the field. A separate survey on overseas markets is also carried out and analyzed to compare them in size and status with the Korean market.

Evaluation of Arts and Cultural Events

An objective evaluation system on performing, traditional and visual arts events, as well as on government-supported arts contests and competitions, has been set up. Researches on the actual and suitable support system as well as policy and measures that will create returns are conducted according to the results.

To promote the people’s right to enjoy cultural life and to increase the effectiveness of public support and ultimately, the quality of projects being supported by the government, KAMS evaluates arts projects being sponsored either by the government or by national funds or foundations through their post-management. At the same time, it continues to carry out researches on an objective evaluation and actual support system, while having established the specialized consulting system that provides improved alternatives to current public sector support.

Support for Arts Contests and Competitions

In order to secure fairness and transparency of government-supported arts contests management, KAMS provides information about arts contests through an on-line support system called the Yesul Maru.

  • The Yesul Maru
    The Yesul Maru, an online system to provide information on arts contests being supported by the government, was created in 2007 to guarantee fairness and transparency in the management of contests and competitions being awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The online service provides a database with key information about arts contests and competitions: their results, the committee members and judges, awardees, and status of government support on these contests. This is a good example of how the government achieves the value of openness and how the public’s needs for information can be satisfied in an authorized platform.