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TheApro : Information Provider of Performing Arts International Exchanges Go to theApro

TheApro encourages international exchanges within the performing arts sector by promoting the richness found in Korea’s traditional and contemporary theater, music and dance. This website provides detailed information about numerous international exchanges between the performing arts sectors of Korea and other countries and facilitates opportunities for performing arts professionals to meet worldwide and build informative networks based on person-to-person contact.

TheArtro : International Exchange Platform for Korean Contemporary Go to theArtro

TheArtro is a website offered in Korean and English specializing in international exchanges related to contemporary Korean art. It seeks to help artists gain competence and increase their participation in international arts exchanges by providing artists and arts specialists with practical know-how.

KAMS Newsletter subscribe fot KAMS newsletter

KAMS newsletter updates on overseas activities of Korean performing and contemporary arts groups, and news of international events in Korea. It is delivered on the first Tuesday of every of month, to 27,000 arts management experts at home and abroad.

Webzine weekly@Arts Management

Korea's only arts management-specialized webzine weekly@Arts Management, deals with hot domestic and international art-related issues. Since its first edition on October 30, 2008, the webzine has attracted a diverse readership, ranging from domestic art managers and administrators to policy researchers, journalists and students.

Providing arts management information and case studies from Korea and abroad, including culture and art policies and related academic data and contributions by experts, it identifies current trends in the world of art.

Research and academic seminars for international exchanges in performing arts

KAMS has set up an information network to organize research, host academic seminars, and share know-how and the latest trends on the overseas performing arts field.

Directory of Korean Performing Arts Groups & Organizations Go to the Directory

A database has been set up and provides English and Korean services on Korean performing arts groups and organizations.