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2011 Center Stage Korea in Europe

Date 2011-07-05 File CSK_2011_EU.pdf

Center Stage Korea


Center Stage Korea is an international exchange project organized by Korea Arts Management Service in partnership with main performance venues and festivals of diverse countries around the world, under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The project seeks to build close and effective partnerships, unique encounters and a deeper understanding between the Korean performing arts and the wider world. 

Korean Performing Arts Groups – Productive Partnerships with International Performing Arts Organizations


As there are Korean artists and performing arts groups wishing to meet international audiences, as well as a diverse range of countries in the world seeking to introduce the unique charms of Korean performing arts in their main performance venues and festivals, Center Stage Korea is an enterprise, which can mediate between these two sides. It provides mutually productive tours, presentations and collaboration between international organizers and performers and their Korean counterparts. Center Stage Korea supports the international launch of Korean performing arts groups by liaising with the organizers and presenters of regional cultural events and those in neighboring countries, mutually cooperating on solving any problems Korean performing arts groups may have when fixed scheduling requires that in each city several local presenters mutually organize acts by Korean performing artists at the same time. Thus, hoping to support the successful launch of Korean performing arts groups on the world stage, by introducing and representing them at scheduled festivals and venues, Center Stage Korea can establish fruitful partnerships between Korean and international performing arts organizations and artists.

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