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mook THEAPRO 2011

Date 2012-02-14 File THEAPRO 2011.pdf

mook THEAPRO 2011 is
This book contains the selected 2011 articles of online THEAPRO, the connector of the performing arts of Korea and the world. The book is also to share the issues and information selected among the articles that have been read by readers overseas through online THEAPRO with the readers that KAMS meet at the off-line locations.

We are looking forward to your CONTRIBUTIONS!
THEAPRO is looking forward to the participation of professionals in each region. We hope you can share the trends, market conditions, policies, and issues where you are currently active with the readers in Korea and around the world through THEAPRO.
Please send your suggestions to theapro@gokams.or.kr

Message from KAMS
Message from Oversea’s Editorial Committee

korea now
Works & Projects

Music, the Salt of Earth, and the Light of World

Review for Artists-in-Residency 2011 Jindo, Korea

A Profound Journey of Discovery for Soul and… Stomach!

Review for Journey to Korean Music

Coming up with New Ideas of Possible Co-operation

Korea-Finland Connection: an East-West Dance Project Incubator

New Approach to Creation

International Conference Held by Asian Arts Theatre of Asia Culture Complex

The Gateway of Exchange between Mexican and Korean Dance

Talks with Cuauhtémoc Nájera Ruiz _ Universidad National Autónama de México

Portland fell in love with LDP

The Debut of Laboratory Dance Project at White Bird

Baramgot, the Korean Music Communicating with the World

Review of Baramgot performance in Colombia

Strategic Humor on Pleasure : Oil Pressure Vibrator

Review of Festival/Tokyo 2011

Performing Arts Market in seoul 2011

Introduction of PAMS

Asian Awakening, the Fate Brought by PAMS
Observation of Returning Delegate, Erick Kuong

Dynamic Accessibility!
Review of Looking for International Partners (LIP) Program

Meeting Efficient Than Ever

Reviews and Comments of International Participants


Enabling Challenge and Experiment

Seongjoo JOH _ Artistic Director of LIG Art Hall

Street Arts as an Alternative to Indoor Performance

Dong Hee CHO _ Director of Hi Seoul Festival, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

I Like Being in Minor Leagues
Seong Hee KIM _ Director of Festival Bo:m

Discover the Masters

Ok-seop JIN _ Art Director of Korea Cultural House


Era of Medium-Sized Theaters

Contemporary Medium-Sized Theaters in Korea & Changes in Producing Styles

The Status of Performing Arts Facilities in Korea

2010 Performing Arts Survey on Performing Arts Facilities

Noticeable Increase of Korean Arts Groups Going Abroad

2011 Report on International Exchange

Access Asia
Asia, Getting Global Attention

Why the Focus on Asia?

Review of PAMS 2011 Focus Session, “Ask Asia”

Right Now and Here in Asia

Review of PAMS 2011 Focus Session, “Talk about Asia”

Looking into Asian Cities

Rising Need of Specialized Method for Exchange of Performing Arts

Where Korea and Japan Stand in Terms of Exchange and Co-production of Performing Arts

A New Walk Outside the System

The Status of Independent Art of China Seen through the Caochangdi Workstation

One India, but Many Cultures

Performing Arts Festivals that Seek Common Ground

Sustainability through Festivals

Current Performing Arts Festivals in the Philippines

Penang, A Brand New Arts Platform in Malaysia

The Trend of Malaysian Art Scene

Wide Angle
Discussion in Music World

Denying Tradition Is Also a Tradition
Asian and Korean Traditional Music, the Present and Future

Issues in World Arts Management

Trends and Prospects of Asian Performing Arts Market

i. Issues in Asia

Money and People Can Not Be Created by Magic

ii. Issues in North America

Now, Time to Act!

iii. Issues in Europe

Issues Now Faced by Arts Management Professionals

iv. Talks on Issues in World Arts Management

Lists of website theApro Articles