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mook TheApro 2012

Date 2013-02-12 File TheApro2012_Rediscovering Traditional Korean Performing Arts.pdf

‘TheApro’ is the arts information portal published in both Korean and English. It is managed by KAMS to promote an active exchange of art information and develop a network between various performing art sectors and individual artists in Korea and across the globe. ‘TheApro’ offers a wide range of performing arts news and updates to recent trends, events and developments in the global art world. It also provides a wealth of resources, including publications of survey reports and statistical data on performing arts and the culture industry in general, podcasts, scripts of stage productions, and an extensive art directory. In addition to these online services, ''TheApro'' also produces a book-length title ezch year with a specific focus to highlight current salient issues in the arts world. For the 2012 publications, the topic chosen was Rediscovering Traditional Korean Performing Arts in collaboration with guest editors, Haekyung Um(University of Liverpool) and Hyunjoo Lee(Ewha Womans University).


‘TheApro’ is available online from the following sources :

•Website (in Korean) : http://kor.theapro.kr

•Website (in English) : http://eng.theapro.kr

•Twitter : @theapro

•Facebook : www.facebook.com/theapro

•Email : theapro@gokams.or.kr

Foreword, Jae-wal Jung
Editors’Preface, Haekyung Um and Hyunjoo Lee
Introduction : Rediscovering Traditional Korean Performing Arts, Haekyung Um
Korean Traditional Music : A Bird’-Eye View, Byong Won Lee
The European Reception of Gugak :Performing Korean Court Music in Vienna, Austria, Sang-Yeon Sung
The Way of Pungnyu :Musical Interactions at Private Venues in Seoul, from the Late 18th to Late 19th Centuries, Sung-Hee Park
Music in Korean Shaman Ritual, Simon Mills
How Do We Know About the Dances of Korea’ Past?, Judy Van Zile
Entertaining Dances at the Joseon Court, Jungrock Seo
Tradition and Innovation in Changgeuk Opera, Andrew Killick
Performing Pansori Musical Drama : Stage, Story and Sound, Haekyung Um
To One’ Heart’ Content : Baramgot and Reclaiming Creative Space in Gugak, Hilary Vanessa Finchum-Sung
Canonic Repertoires in Korean Traditional Music, Keith Howard
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