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mook theARTRO 2013

Date 2014-03-26 File theARTRO 2013_eng.pdf

theARTRO is a visual arts platform specializing in international exchange concerning Korean contemporary art. 
It reports current issues, exhibition reviews, and interviews on Korean contemporary art from an objective perspective, creating a healthy, professional discourse. By providing artists and arts specialists with practical know-how and information necessary for international exchange, theARTRO seeks to facilitate international exchange and strengthen artists’ competency. It supports communication and networking among Korean and foreign visual arts professionals, academia, and institutions.

mook theARTRO 2013 is...

This book contains the selected 2013 articles of online theARTRO, the platform for the Visual arts of Korea and the world. The book is also to share the issues and information on contemporary art, exhibition reviews, and interviews selected among the articles that have been read by readers overseas through online theARTRO with the readers that KAMS meet at the off-line locations.


List of theARTRO 2013


Korean and international art awards - Prize, Prize, Prize
Art Basel hong Kong - Hong Kong, the new heart of the Contemporary art Market

Daelim museum’s d-project space ‘gooseulmoa danggujang’
Amado art space

2013 Gwangju design Biennale - Unspoken Connection: Communicating design
Curatorial workshop in london by Project Via - Research and networks: Chasing the Two hares


The Brilliant Art Project: Dream Society
Reexamining the social Functions of art
Beautiful Things are difficult

SeMA: Kim Ku-lim, Like You Know It All
A subversive imagination in the industrialization
The algorithms and Curation of Kim Ku-lim’s aesthetic
Vindication for the reappraisal of Kim Ku-lim

2013 Art Awards Exhibition . The Winner Is...
Contemporary artists Become More Transparent
The uncertain Future of Today’s Korean art awards


Cosmin Costinas & Inti Guerrero : Director, Pare/site & Associate director, TEOR/éTica
The Curatorial role: developing the local into global narrative

Lee Sook-kyung : Curator, Tate
How a Curator looks at the world

Kim Hong-hee : Director, Seoul Museum of Art
From Center to Periphery, From Fluxus to ‘Post-Museum’

Park Nam-hee : Co-director, 2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale
The art of Coexistence through Crafts

‘theARTRO’ is available online from the following sources :

•Website(in English) : http://eng.theArtro.kr

•Website(in Korean) : http://www.theArtro.kr/

•Twitter : @theartro

•Facebook : www.facebook.com/theartro